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Unofficial Sanitary Institution (GSM) Licence Services


GSM (Sanitary, non-business) they create activities that directly or indirectly impact the environment during, as a result of these effects still gives more or less damaging to the environment or the business are likely.


Ag environment company, business licensing processes for your all the necessary correspondence, coordination with the competent authorities and the professional team by managing interest with the process open license Operations Office performs on your behalf.


The following gsm classes and registration authority, is provided by our company all the processes that belong to.


1. Class no longer Sanitary House
The required outside living spaces and environmental effects are the absolute business. City centres and people kept away from where they are necessarily in bulk, industrial zone or health protection Strip should be in places that can accommodate. This establishment is provided by the municipality of licenses.


2. class non-Sanitary Institution
Proximity to living spaces with specific investigations and studies can be determined in advance, will be given approval to operate business with permission. Cities and people away from where they are in the aggregate, önerilip by the Board to be seen somewhere appropriate governing authority informally sanitary institutions are supposed to be. Permits, and is provided by the district municipalities.


3. Class no longer Sanitary House
Habitat can operate close to environmental impact are businesses that can be controlled. The houses and the people collectively in their kurulabilmekle are non-sanitary institution to keep under control together. The circumference is damage that cannot be repaired 3. class of housing and people in GSM s collectively, away from where they are made.


Simply Call G.s.m. Licence Authorized To Regulate Corporations 


Non-contiguous and within the municipal boundary of the metropolitan municipality areas located in the desired installation or simply call G.S.M. OPERATING LICENSE to the industrial facilities, published in the Official Gazette No. 10.08.2005 25902 "workplace regulation on opening and Run Ruhsatlarına" in accordance with the Provincial Special İdarelerine.


12/04/2000 organised Regions industrial zones and the law No. 4562 with any changes that have been made to simply call G.S.M. Permits regional office.


The regulation should also have a positive report in Report Ç.E.D. the selection and plant construction permit.


2. and 3. set up the selection in the ' 80s and the class simply call G.S.M. permission shall not be required


G. S. M. License applications will be taken from the place where the facility to set up permissions for Doing selection certificate with the authorization to use the structure of the workplace or non-Occupancy Permits are asked to record events of ancient deeds. The facility will be installed according to Municipal Reconstruction Plans place site selection if appropriate some of the following, depending on the type of business document.