Environmental Permits and Licensing

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Compulsory Environmental Permits and Licenses ..

Environmental Permits and Licensing Services
Environmental Permit,
The environment must be taken in accordance with the law;


Air emissions, environmental noise, waste water discharge, deep sea discharge, the discharge of dangerous materials


When business topics and permissions are required to take mandatory of. In accordance with the business ' activities, subject to the application of the necessary measures effectively. These conditions provided the environmental permits to businesses.


Ag Environment, Environmental Permit procedures;


  • The physical requirements of your business
  • Environmental Permit application
  • EIA Details
  • Temporary certificate of activity
  • Environmental Compliance certificate
  • Compliance articles
  • Exempt articles
  • Waste analysis and classification


Performs other services above, such as the name of your company. All correspondence with the competent authorities, interview and documentation process by evaluating Environment complete with expert staff allows you to receive your document Permissions.


Environmental License


Waste collection, disposal and recycling-related licensing issues for operations for only to those who are interested in technical when the environmental license.


Ag Environmental, Environmental and physical conditions required of your company to your License to carry Professional Environmental Consulting Services Environment allows you to receive your license.


The following license types-related activities is your solution partner in your.


  • Electronic waste compliance
  • Have completed the tool life of the temporary storage license
  • Battery, battery importer document
  • Metal importer document
  • Collecting, parsing license
  • Waste battery transportation license
  • Dangerous materials waste handling licence
  • Recycling Licenses
  • Dangerous materials waste recycling
  • Non-dangerous materials waste recycling
  • Waste oil recycling
  • Vegetable waste oil recycling
  • The acquisition of waste batteries and accumulators back
  • Recycling of tires have completed life
  • Packaging waste recovery


Business Licenses
  • Medical waste sterilization
  • Lifetime of the completed vehicle handling
  • Packaging waste collection and separation
  • Tanker cleaning
  • Scrap metal
  • Waste when accepting


Disposal Licenses


  • Waste incineration and burning together
  • Landfill


Search Storage


  • Dangerous materials waste
  • Decontamination
  • PCB Decontamination


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