Discharge Quality Control License

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Wastewater includes license and procedures required for discharge to the environment.

Discharge Quality Control License Services

Sewage Discharge Regulation of İSKİ wastewater with conditions to comply with the specified limit values ​​of wastewater main in located İSKİ Channel all kinds of domestic and industrial waste water discharge Discharge Permit and / or GSM Opinion requires the taking.

Discharge Quality Control Permit (DKK) Obtaining Documents Required documents for that channel payment of participation fee (the OS that is connected Branch)

Authorized Engineers contract for the treatment plant and / or 4-month study document.

Document shows that the AAA debt (about the license will be given to the Provincial Directorates).

which is connected with the tax office and tax registration number.

The building of housing construction license or certificate (for companies that operate in the drinking water basins)

Photocopy of deed and address information (for companies operating in drinking water basins)

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