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Discharge Permit Services


Discharge Permit?


Discharge, due to their activity and production, leading to the formation of waste water and wastes is called directly or indirectly draining into the environment.


The process of discharge of treated/untreated sewage water. Our country's underground and surface water resources, protection and the best way we know of the potential use of the provision and water pollution can be avoided to become sustainable.


Water pollution control regulations in accordance with the principles of Environmental Permits this type of enterprises, it is mandatory to receive the discharge Permit.


Ag Environmental Company, business and in the case of environmental waste water transmission facilities perform ministerial regulations to allow mandatory (Discharge permission), document (Discharge Permit) and all environmental activities on behalf of your business.


Our services include;


  • The objectives of quality classifications and usage of water environment,
  • The protection of water quality planning for
  • Principles of wastewater discharge and discharge permit
  • Wastewater infrastructure facilities-related work
  • Coordination with the competent authorities
  • Following up on and finalization process


Facilities, waste water discharge in the last down the ways on how to perform planning related services rendered by our company.


Treatment plant discharge operation


  • Wastewater treatment plant project preparation and application
  • Fitness articles
  • Exemption of articles
  • The use of purified waste water irrigation


Sewage system discharge operation


  • Determination of discharge criteria
  • Permission to link to document preparation and application
  • Determination of standards


Surface water Wastewater discharge


  • Determination of the status of the activity
  • Determination of wastewater (nitrogen, phosphorus)
  • Regulation compliance


Deep sea discharge


  • Boundary value studies
  • Engineering studies
  • Discharge standards
  • Environmental impact assessment study