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Policy on the Prevention of Major Accidents

What is the Seveso?

Seveso is a small town situated in Italy. A mind not located near this town Chemical Company of July 10, 1976 the factory day trichlorophenol (TCP) in a reactor that produces the explosion spread to a white gas cloud environment.

Dioxin has been found to pollute the town that spread over a wide area of ​​very toxic gas. Animal deaths and human health deteriorated in most of the settlements were evacuated in the town occurred. Seveso accident after this event is called seveso disaster.

Seveso Directive

After the accident that occurred in 1976, to prevent the occurrence of industrial accidents and take the necessary measures, prepared on behalf of the "Seveso Directive" (82/501 / EEC) it was adopted. On 9 December 1996 the 96/82 / EC "Directive on the Control of Major Accidents Involving Hazardous Substances Risk (Seveso II Directive)" was published.

Seveso Directive harmonizing the legislation of our country "Great for the Prevention of Industrial Accidents and the Regulations on Mitigation of Impacts" was enacted in 2013.

The following belong to businesses operating with dangerous chemicals will be asked the security reports.

Seveso Directive Safety Reports


  •     A major accident prevention policy and must implement a safety management system for implementing it.
  •    That the identification of major accident hazards and preventing these types of accidents must be demonstrated that the necessary measures taken to limit their consequences for man and the environment.
  •    All those associated with major accident hazards in the business or plant facilities, storage facilities, equipment related to their operation and infrastructure design, construction of, operation and adequate security for the maintenance and demonstrate that ensure reliability.
  •    In case of a major accident, including for the adoption of measures that will be required to show that the preparation of emergency plans and provide necessary information to the competent authority for the preparation of an external plan.
  •     Around existing establishments to the competent authorities for issuing the terms of the siting of new activities or developments to provide necessary information.

 Seveso Notice

Organizations that contain hazardous chemical substance is the amount of the substance they contain system they declare to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. This must be done by the company pursuant to Regulation declaration, it called Seveso Notices.

Seveso Notification System, Major Industrial Accidents Prevention and Annex of the Regulation on Reducing the Impact Made located in Seveso businesses after notification by the system "Low-Level Enterprise", "Top Level Enterprise" or "Out of Scope" are classified as.

Ag environment, the services listed below to prepare your business and your activities in accordance with regulations performs on your behalf.


  •     Determining the scope of the Regulation on the classification process
  •     Lower level, upper level or exclusions classification
  •     Security reports
  •     preparation of major accident prevention policy
  •     Emergency plans
  •     including the preparation of an emergency plan for the measures to be taken in the name of business facility (prior to start my operation for the new institutions, preparing the external emergency plan)
  •     The preparation of the information in the required format within the specified time required for the preparation of external emergency plans

Emergency Plan Preparation Services Objectives


  • People after the big win, provided it possible to reduce the effects of the environment and minimizing the damage to the goods which will be checked and the take the measures necessary to protect people and the environment from the effects of major accidents

  • Giving the necessary information from the competent authorities.

  • Providing a big win after the cleaning and restoration of the environment

Ag Environment Company, on behalf of your business that Seveso Service, the accident prevention policy, emergency experienced staff and industry in the state plan serves more than five years of experience.