Hazardous Material Disposal

Hazardous Material Disposal Performer Companies

Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (TMGD) is mandatory for all facilities in the event of the provision of the following conditions.

Is there a requirement that the waste going to disposal?

a) What fifty tons and above is located within a calendar year and the hazardous materials transportation process;

that transaction amounts, sender, packing, loading, filling and emptying and businesses operating in total vehicle capacity and freight company with over fifty tons.

(If you have not checked hazardous waste disposal company in 2015, you must fulfill your obligation under the responsibility of ADR ADR loads evaluated in the context of this waste.)

b) regardless of the amount ADR (European Agreement Concerning the International Transport by road of dangerous goods) Section't Located engaged with the table in the transport category of zero hazardous substances and hazardous substances located in the transportation process, the sender, packing, loading and filling it is required for businesses in the activity.

Class 1, Class 6 and Class 7 businesses who deal with hazardous substances in the scope, there are no operation is required to obtain a certificate of activity, regardless of the amount, but TMGD employment to or tmgd of service required to obtain the net fifty tons and higher amounts of transactions in a calendar year do depends on the situation.

Each document in the field of business activity, should not be considered an absolute necessity to TMGD.

Our company; under the Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor Service will be responsible for the following topics:

a) international conventions and agreements on the transport of dangerous goods (ADR / RID (01.06.1985 dated and 18771 numbered Convention on International Railways to transport entered into force on publication in the Official Gazette (COTIF) C major by Rail of Dangerous Goods, which supplement the Regulation concerning the International Carriage) ) to monitor the compliance with the provisions.

b) dangerous substances ADR / RID provisions to provide businesses with advice regarding transportation based on.

c) the entity's annual report on the transport of dangerous substances in the first three months of the year to prepare and electronically submit by the end of the Administration.

Our company staff Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor; 05.22.2014 date and 29007 numbered Official Gazette "Communiqué on Hazardous Materials Safety Consulting" bet in the current context will continue according to the duties and responsibilities in the communique.

The necessary framework for the establishment of ADR Security Management system for your workplace will be made. In this context; ADR suitability of vehicles and tanks, documents and appropriateness of the training of drivers, training of staff, procedures and evaluation of the appropriateness of establishing or instructions etc. management system will be established for the subject.

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