Hazardous Annual Report Statement

TMGD Annual Report Statement Last 31th December!


As is known, on Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor of the communique, hazardous material safety advisor (TMGD) duties and obligations entitled Article 23 of paragraph 2 (c) in paragraphs are employed in businesses tmgd'ler by the notification requirement with annual reports, www. until 31/03/2016 electronically via türkiye.gov.t address, it should be sent to our Ministry.

In this context, the annual report of the evaluation related to the period for the notification; Ministry prepared the annual preparation of the report of the software last long, annual report software program is open to the use of installing the e-government system as of February 23, 2016, activity reporting software already pre invisible to experiencing some disruptions and the intensity experienced in access to the system upon observation, TMGD ' s in the direction of such annual report contains the data for 2015 can be reported until 30.06.2016,


The General Directorate has made an announcement from the address www.tmkt.gov.t.

But in time, due to the annual report of the statement made to the continuation of the intensity they have in entering the system tmgd and problems experienced in reaching the data of 2015, will use the annual reports of the company they are employed tmgd, of the 2015 annual report of the notice period will be paid to this year's 31 / 12/2016 has been extended to date.

It is announced.