ADR for hospitals

ADR for Health Care Organizations


It is known that environmental legislation in accordance with the manufacturers of hazardous waste waste declaration form each year at the latest by the end of March of the year following the previous year's information prepared by the Ministry to include web-based program using the fill, confirm and printout a copy of for five years and is responsible for keeping.



The above mentioned declaration form prepared for filling of web-based programs (http://online.cevre.gov.tr in Waste Management application (TABS component)) 1 January-31 March hazardous waste producers are open for the entrance to declare and affirm as of March 31, 24:00 entrance closed.


27967 dated 17.06.2011 published in the official "Some non-hazardous Waste Recovery Notification" of the first paragraph of article 8 (c) in accordance with the dangerous waste producers in the form of declaration for the year 2015 at the same is obliged by using web-based program.


Hazardous and nonhazardous waste producers, the above-mentioned obligations to first enroll in the Ministry's environmental information System. Manufacturers, after the registration process with the given username and password, log in to the Waste http://online.cevre.gov.tr address environmental information System under the declaration forms administrative application (TABS) will be able to get to fill out approvingly.


In this context, the environmental information system of non-registered to the waste producers to register as soon as possible and before the end of the period the declaration statements are required to complete.


On the subject of the application the user guides and help can be reached from inside the video.


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