About Vehicle Status Certificate

ADR / Vehicle Certificate of Compliance


As is known, the parties that we have the European Agreement Concerning the International Transport by road of dangerous goods (ADR) in accordance with the ADR Section 3.2 of the vehicles used in the transportation of certain hazardous substances in the table, must be documented done the testing and inspection by authorized organizations.

In the framework of International Agreements and Conventions governing the carriage of dangerous goods in order to fulfill this responsibility by the Ministry; of vehicles carrying dangerous substances, testing and certification in respect of which they made their examination in accordance with state rules were authorized Turkish Standards Institute.

In this context, 27.08.2014 date and 29101 numbered Official Gazette "Regulation Amending the Regulation on the transport of hazardous substances" in the Provisional Article 1 in accordance with the traffic records of registered and Vehicle Compliance Certificate / ADR of vehicles operating without a Certificate of Conformity, determined evaluated in accordance with the calendar situation that they made "Vehicle Baseline Document" should be arranged.

Detailed information can be obtained from the persons involved http://tmt.tse.org.t address and contact information below.

NOTE: Certificate of Conformity of the vehicle with ADR transport Stocktaking is no need to take the document.

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